The struggling youngsters

Yesterday my son told that his friend has dropped a year after his 12th to do some job to support his family who is going through a major financial crisis. That boy intends to pursue his graduation from next year. There have been youngsters who are having family issues, body image issues, financial issues and they are trying their best to cope up these circumstances.

Before assuming that all teenagers’ life is a bed of roses or that they are carefree and ignorant about the world, before labeling them as reckless and selfish; one should never forget that assumptions are wrong. There are teenagers who are struggling, who are unhappy, who are trying to help their parents to the best of their abilities despite their own emotional turmoil. Most of my son’s friends have turned 18 and here begins the struggle of adult life. albeit a bit too early for these kids.

Life is not a bed of roses for every kid, so before assuming or generalizing let’s be, as a society, more mindful and sensitive.

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