Stop seeking validation women


Today I advised a young mom to stop trying to be a supermom or superwoman and stop trying to please everyone as its humanly impossible. Young women try to fit into society’s norms and end up harrowed and unhappy. It’s perfectly okay for a woman/mother to be tired, flustered, angry, annoyed, lose her calm, cry, feel lazy, feel demotivated. Sadly, experienced people/moms do more harm by constant comparisons and nitpicking instead of giving support. They make the women feel guilty and worthless. You are always worthy and doing great, stop seeking validation from anyone. When you seek validation, 90% of the people will demotivate you. Like teenagers do, put on those headphones and be “mast”..

PS: I advise the same to my mother and older women who were made to believe that they are superwomen.

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