Life skills..not gender specific!


Cooking, cleaning utensils, basic jhadu pocha..these are few of the things which everyone should know irrespective of the gender. No, not just during any emergency like lock-down, but even in the normal days. Few years ago, my father suffered a massive heart attack and I had to run to take care of him and my mother in another city. My son was in 10th at that time and my daughter in 5th. I just packed my suitcase, took the first flight and was by my parents’ side. I was with my parents for almost 15 days before I came back to my city. Not once in these 15 days did I worry about what my husband or kids were eating or how the home was being managed. My husband has always been a hands-on father and knows household chores. Thanks to our upbringing, my children know basic chores right from a very young age. My son despite being in 10th that time would wake up early, pack his and his sister’s lunchbox, make breakfast along with his dad and then go to school. He would come back, have lunch, go for his tuition, come back, switch on the washing machine while my daughter dried the clothes. Both the kids helped their dad in making dinner and winding up. My son would also study for his board exam. There was no “burnt toast” scenario in my home. Even during this lock-down period the three of them have been doing all the chores along with me.

When you raise your children well, teach them chores and cooking, instill good values before anyone else it gives you immense satisfaction as a parent. When people say that “I am lucky” that my son helps me, I say its not luck its our upbringing. It will help him immensely once he goes out to study and to work. He will never be dependent on anyone for basic food and a clean home. His wife will have an equal partner.

Cooking or chores shouldn’t be looked down upon or be gender specific. It will help the children, the parents, the future family, and everyone in general. Education is important for the children and so are life skills.

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