Live life bindaas..

I have heard my mother say many a times that when she was in her teens my naani had stopped wearing bright colored sarees as “log kya kahenge” that the mother of a grown-up daughter is trying to look “good and glamorous”. Even now in social media, I see women dancing and doing fun activities and many of them captioning “40 plus and still dancing or having fun!” Why are women apologetic about their age? Is it the age-old conditioning or the fear of being ridiculed? Is it the “budhi ghodi laal lagam” judgmental opinion of others that scares them to have fun or live the life as per their wish? Times have changed a lot. I and my generation of 40 plus women are mostly in T-shirts and capris/shorts, we dance and party, we don’t shy away from being “real” in front of our grown-up children. I have heard many a times that mothers should be role models for their children and so they should behave in a certain manner.
My experience says being real is the best role model. Women should stop being apologetic for their age, their desires, having fun, dressing up, partying, pursuing their interests no matter what the age is.

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