Break the chain..

#changingfaceofmotherhood My daughter who will turn 13 in a few months’ time watched Thappad yesterday. I have read a lot of reviews about the movie from a lot of women, but I wanted to know the perspective of a young girl. She simply said, as said by the protagonist in the movie, “Why should one pretend to be happy when she is not happy?” We discussed a lot of issues like gender bias, patriarchy, women and financial independence and so on. Times have changed and so has parenting. Most girls of my generation (not generalizing) were taught how to adjust in the sasural post marriage, how to be tolerant and prioritize others over themselves, how to be a good wife and mother but most of the times in most families they forgot to teach their educated daughters how to prioritize their own happiness, how to be strong and raise their voice against injustice, how financial independence was the most important thing, how walking out from an abusive relationship was far better than adjust and cry alone.

Looking at so many unhappy women around me, I so don’t want my daughter or her generation of girls to be unhappy and suffer. I have done my job of raising a good son, but now I have to raise a strong daughter. Time to break the chain of unhappy girls/women..

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