Mom/wife without guilt

I made lunch today, served in the plate, and ate alone aaram se. The others in the family were either busy or wanted to eat a little later. I was hungry and so I had it before others.
Yes..I am a mother and a wife and I can eat before others without guilt. I am not the dukhi and stereotyped mother in an old worn-out sari slogging alone. When I am unwell, I express it. When I am hungry, I eat. When I am angry, I yell. When I am sad or hurt, I cry in front of my children. I don’t try to be a superwoman and ask my family for help when needed. I am full of flaws and humanly emotions and I am not ashamed to be myself.
I don’t need claps for my “sacrifices”, I need equal participation, I need to behave like a human, I need rest. I have created a positive example in front of my children where my son knows that a woman is not supposed to slog quietly and the man needs to be equal and my daughter knows that a woman shouldn’t quietly cry in the bathroom and pretend that everything is fine.

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