Real happiness..

When 2020 began never had we imagined that within 2 months the world would see such a bad time. Each one of us might have planned so many things, procrastinated so many times. My son had so many plans with his friends after his board exams. My daughter wanted to rest after her exams and excited about her new session. I had planned to meet my friends post all the exam mania! But now..everything has come to a standstill. Wish people now realize that good health, shelter, food and family love and bonding gives happiness. Of course, money also does! But in these times, not eating out, not watching movies, not going for holidays, not buying that new car all seem so trivial. Our kids have also been exposed to the reality of life. Happiness is living without fear, without panic, without uncertainty.
Praying the world to be happy once again!

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