Waiting for Happy Women’s Day..

Let’s strive to make this day really a “Happy Women’s Day”. How many women are really happy? From being in the womb till death, she has to fight for her right to live, her identity, has to fight for her respect, her right to choose career, partner, live the way she wants to. Till the time she is raped, burnt, beaten, ill-treated, subjugated, no festival or day celebrating her will mean anything.

Our generation of parents can make the change by raising both the genders equally, giving both the genders equal opportunities, celebrating their birth, celebrating their successes and helping them cope with failures. I am doing my bit, but this has to be in every family.

The day my daughter and every daughter goes out at midnight without fear, without having to worry about her being molested or mansplained, not judged for her dress or habits, not just being asked about her marriage and not ambitions, will we be really celebrating this day in the true essence.

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