Respect God and women both!

Why am I not surprised by the disgusting incident in Bhuj college where girls where asked to remove their underwear to show that they are not menstruating? I have seen the discrimination and how many so-called educated women get offended whenever I have tried to reason menstruation with biology. I have personally gone to temples, touched pickles, do housework, touch everyone around me and no one is harmed! Religion is taken more seriously than the dignity of women in our country. What makes one think that menstruation renders girls/women impure, even in 2020!! It’s a simple biological process. Gone are the times long, long back when these rules were made to give women rest. Rules have been bent, women humiliated, and this was just unbelievably cruel and disgusting.

But I know nothing’s going to change if women themselves don’t respect their own clan and stop being scared of God, rather respect God and girls/women both.

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