The dormant child within..

The other day my daughter and her friends were playing football in the vicinity.  My daughter said a gentleman stopped by and taught them some moves and gave tips about playing football.  My daughter said, “It seems uncle used to play football at some point.”

Doesn’t it so happen that the talent or passion we had as a child or as a teenager takes a backseat when we are forced to face the worldly realities?  Someone was a talented singer, someone a gifted painter, someone an avid athlete/sportsperson, but career and later family responsibilities buried these talents somewhere deep within.

Few are fortunate enough to pursue their profession and passion both, but in most cases the talent or passion takes a backseat.  Some days that hidden desire tries to come out and just as the gentleman showed the football moves we all show that spark again.

We all have the inner child within us who once was passionate about the talent and worked hard towards it, but as an adult most of us buried that passion deep within.  I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen with our children.  I hope they are able to balance their profession and passion well and who knows some might be fortunate enough to pursue their passion as profession!

Never let your inner child be dormant..


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