Raising teens versus toddlers

Read somewhere “It is more difficult to raise teens than toddlers.”

Well..kind of agree and disagree to it. Both stages have their own set of challenges. By the time our kids are teens or tweens, we tend to forget the challenges that we faced with them when they were toddlers. The major difference is that by the time the kids are pre-teens and teens they are able to voice their opinions more, they are their own individuals by then who can clearly convey their likes and dislikes and have developed a personality. There is a generational clash at times too. The best way to handle this stage, like any other stage, is communication and tweaking the parenting style. What worked with them as toddlers won’t work with them when they are teenagers. As a parent, step back and look back at your own mistakes and rectify them. Nurture this phase with care too as it is as delicate as the toddler stage where the mind of the child is still developing albeit a little differently. I learnt from my mistakes, so do all parents. There is no rule book as each child is different, even siblings are different.

The only thing that remains constant is the parents praying for more patience and the “phase” to pass, be it while raising toddlers or raising teens 😃

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