Be Real!

Saw an ad somewhere where it was shown what would happen if mothers vanished from the earth. As expected, it was shown that the children and husband couldn’t operate the washing machine, had difficulty washing utensils, couldn’t cook meals, didn’t know whom and when to pay bills and so on. Then the realization dawned that mothers are so important.
This is not funny. In a home, everyone should know the household work. It’s not the mother’s onus alone to manage everything. Her importance in life should not be equated to what housework she does or what she cooks, she is important no matter what! I remember I went leaving my kids and husband behind to tend to my sick parents and they managed everything well. I didn’t call every hour to check on them as I knew that they could manage. I go out for my events and outings and they do manage. Even if I die tomorrow, they will manage.
Don’t put the mother on a pedestal and expect her to do all the housework and her sacrificing all the time. Your children should know housework, the husband should pitch in. It’s an unit after all and no such ads or stories are not heart-touching or funny..

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