Reality check..

Yesterday, while watching KBC Karmveer episode, the words of Dr. Brijmohan Bharadwaj, the noble soul who runs Apna Ghar with his wife Dr. Madhuri Bharadwaj, and helps the homeless and needy people touched me somewhere. He said they don’t accept any kind of awards or recognition for their work. In his words, “When a mother or father bring up her their children or take care of them they don’t do it for recognition or rewards. It’s a natural process.”
Often Indian parents expect a lot from their children. They want the recognition of their sacrifices, want the kids to repay them back whatever they have done when the parents get old, want reassurance and acknowledgment. May be, its human nature. But more the expectations, more the grudge and sorrow if they remain unfulfilled.
Some of the noble souls doing selfless work without asking for anything in return teach us so many things. Sometimes reality check is very important.

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