Savor the little joys of life..

What is happiness, the little joys of life:

Planning a holiday with your family
Awaiting the arrival of an Amazon delivery
Looking at your teen smile to the mobile
Listening to the calls of the hubby animatedly for a while

Asking your much taller daughter to fetch the container high on the shelf where you can’t reach anymore
Looking at your mom’s smiling photo with her friend meeting after yore
Cracking a deal you have been waiting for long
Getting nostalgic listening to the school-time song

Attending a session or a meet with women from all walks of life
Where they laugh and giggle like schoolgirls, leaving behind the tag of mom and wife
The bear hug from the son, the silly jokes with the daughter, the mock banter with the hubby
Eating that favorite chocolate, writing a heartfelt blog, or pursuing an old hobby

Life throws multiple reasons to be sad, unhappy and worry
Just sometimes savor the happiness in those small moments
Don’t rush, don’t sulk, don’t be in a hurry..

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