Aaj ka moment jee lene do..

What is the big generation change? Our generation teens listening to a pop song or a hardcore rock song, the parents (not all but most) would say “What are you listening to? Is this music? This is only noise with nonsensical lyrics.” My teenager excitedly telling me, “You know Maa what, in the Malhar fest Kaam Bhaari will be performing. My friend is a big fan of his.” I am aware of who Kaam Bhaari is. He is a Hindi rapper who is popular among many youngsters. I share my son’s happiness and excitement.
Today’s generation is more of inclusive parenting. Sometimes its good to be bachcha with your bachchas, even if you might not understand or like their taste. After all, they like it and enjoy it. Ten years down the line they might be fan of some other singer or performer. They will no more been the carefree teens.
Aaj ka moment jee lene do..

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