Spare LinkedIn Please!

Most of us are on LinkedIn for professional reasons, to seek new avenues, to connect with people of similar interests and areas.  The purpose of Linkedln is solely and purely to connect with individuals for work.

But, of late LinkedIn seems to be going the Facebook way.  How?  Since the past few months, there have been instances where men working in good positions in well known firms have connected with me citing professional reasons and then slowly shifted their conversation asking about personal details, mobile number, and showed interest in connecting with me on WhatsApp.  Things which we commonly hear on FB messenger from random men like “Nice DP”, “Looking beautiful” and so on have slowly crept in LinkedIn messages.

To all such men, please let the sanctity and purpose of LinkedIn be!  If you want to connect with women interested in dating, please join Tinder or such dating apps.  LinkedIn is definitely not the place for all this.

Please look at my job profile, my interests rather than my DP.  Don’t behave like those “taporis” on FB messenger..

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