The inevitable transition

My son and his group of friends have studied in the same school from nursery till 10th. Everyday I used to hear about their conversations, their pranks, their masti, the fun they had in school from my son. The boys used to come to my house and I always loved their free and frank conversation and laughter. Now all being in different colleges and in 12th, they meet once in a while. One of the boy’s family is going through financial issues and the boy now takes dance classes and pays his tuition fees. His parents insist that he study harder as he has only education to fall back on in the tough times.
It made me ponder. Isn’t life just like that? Eventually the carefree life and laughter is somewhere replaced by responsibilities and realities of life. This transition is inevitable. Maturity eventually sets in and transforms the kids into worldly wise adults, sooner or later.

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