Age should be just a state of mind

“Elderly couple dancing on their 50th wedding anniversary.” “Grand old lady watching cricket in the stadium.” “Old ladies having fun.” “Uncle dancing freely like no one is watching.” “Elderly lady wearing make-up/modeling.”
Why is the word “old” or “elderly” emphasized so much, especially in our country? May be because culturally elderly people in our country are supposed to behave and dress in a certain way, have only “old people” choices, think in a certain line. If they dance, enjoy or have fun, they are looked at with awe. Such grand old men and women make headlines and are appreciated for being “so full of life even at this age.”
Dressing up, enjoying, having desires shouldn’t have any age bracket. Such men and women should be treated “normally” and all these things should be made a part of life of the elderly. They need to spend their golden years the way they wish to, not caring about “log kya kahenge.” Rather living in such a manner will result in more happy elderly people in our country who would want to live and not count their days of life.

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