Raising is the toughest part of parenting

There is inherently something wrong with the way 90% boys are raised in our country. They are raised as entitled brats, some kind of “divine blessing” who are pampered, never taught to take No for an answer, never taught household chores, never taught about gender equality, consent and so on. Of course, there are moms like me or dads like my husband who are trying to raise responsible sons but still that percentage of parents is less. When a girl says NO, the boys throw acid, throw them off the high-rise building, stab them, stalk them, abuse them! I was talking to my son about this and he said, “If a girl says No, I will simply back off and leave it at that.” That’s how it should be. The ego of most boys is inflated thanks to their upbringing and they cannot take a NO from a girl. They can harm if she “dares” to do so.
Who gives the right to the boys to do so? A girl’s face gets disfigured, she lives in constant fear or even dies if she refuses. Ironically, even in such cases most girls are asked to hide or ignore by the family or society.
Simply giving birth is not enough, raising them to be good humans with good values is what is the toughest part of parenting. A well-raised child is an asset to the society and a wrongly-raised child can be a nuisance for everyone. Let Indians treat sons more like a child and less like an entitled brat.

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