June 2005, was when my first child, my sonny boy, started with his playgroup. I was so anxious! He was only 2-1/2 years old, didn’t speak a lot, spoke mostly in Bengali, and was never out of my sight. I was worried as a mom as to how will he manage! His playschool was located in a beautiful location in the hills of Dharamsala, Himachal. Soon, both he and me started getting used to this change. I remember I would carry him in my arms when he would come back drowsy and sleepy from his school and feed him lunch by telling him stories.
Today my son paid the fees of his class 12 or SYJC as it is known here in Mumbai. He is an independent young man now, traveling by local train, taking out cash from ATM, handling different kinds of people, having a dosa or vada pao at a stall when hungry. These 14 years have transitioned him from a lost toddler to a strapping confident young man, but have I transitioned much?😀

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