Dikhawe par mat jao..

I had been looking for Maths and Accounts classes for my son now that he is in 12th. Didn’t want a class which would be too far as my son has to travel to Churchgate for his college as such. Also, he has to give time for rest of his subjects which he will study on his own. Talked to a lot of people, ultimately got reference from my son’s friend who goes to the same class. I went to meet the teacher with my son and saw that her home was in an old building. The lady welcomed us to her small cozy home. I got an instant vibe that this lady would be a nice teacher.
Some instincts do work well. As my son says, there are only 3-4 students in the batch and the teacher is good, no-nonsense lady and teaches very well. Compared to other group tuition classes her fees is also reasonable.
Moral of the story: Dikhawe par mat jao, apni akal lagao 😀
PS: Nothing against any other teacher or class, just my own experience. Even in 10th my son studied in half the price as his peers and did well.

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