Don’t wear the superwoman cape all the time!

Why do women want to be in superwomen mode even when they are low or unwell? It’s okay to take rest, to prioritize yourself. If you are unwell or having PMS or in general feeling low, tell your family about it instead of keeping silent and trying to smile and act brave. A woman is as human as a man or a child! We do not need any medals or validation to prove that we are great multitaskers or superwomen!
Your family should be a part of the household chores everyday so that one fine day when you are unwell they don’t feel lost. Your family should be sensitive towards your health, both physical and emotional.
When women keep on doing this for years they start getting bitter, feeling neglected, feeling betrayed. So, the next time you are tired or unwell or PMSing your family should be aware and should be there for you.

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