Raise both genders well

Excess of anything is bad! Generations didn’t teach their sons to share household work, cooking or being compassionate, it seems the entire onus is now on our generation moms. Open FB and everyday I read “Teach your sons this, teach them that!” I totally agree and have made best efforts to make my son a humble, compassionate, helpful guy who knows household chores and cooking!
But have you seen the girls these days?😃 Gone are the days when daughters were raised submissive and subservient. I can give a totally unbiased opinion and experience being the mom of both the genders. Sometimes in trying to be gender equal, I tend to be harder on my son!
Let’s focus more on “Teach your kids this and that”! Aisa na ho that 20 years down the line our children as parents get to read “Teach your daughters this and that!”
Raise both genders well..

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