Strong Women

I blog and I also work from home on various things since the past many years now. In due course of events and training, I have met so many women from all walks of life, all kinds of backgrounds. Yes..most of them are mothers; mothers of kids of various age groups. Some have supportive parents, in-laws or spouse who take care of the children or keep the kids in daycare while the women are attending the event or training, but still these women multitask there!
On call and WhatsApp, they keep on checking their kids. Some days the spouse, in-laws or parents are unable to pitch in and the women somehow manage that day. They call the sabziwala to deliver the veggies at home,they call up the daycare in between to ask about their kids. Sometimes they get calls from the teachers of the kids in between, sometimes some relative calls. Some days the child is unwell and the mom is sad. Some days she had a hard time with her in-laws or parents. Some day she herself is upset or unwell.
But still such women keep going because they have the passion to do something, they want to learn and earn, they want their talent to get nurtured and recognized.
Women are strong, gifted, inspiring, talented..I am glad I have met so many..

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