Bitter realities of life

Some bitter facts of life:
1. Nobody wants to handle a child in the infant and toddler years but want to spend time with him/her when he/she has grown up all nice and strong.
2. No one wants to teach the new bride anything but once she has learnt everything everyone wants her to help them.
3. No one wants to be near an unsuccessful person, but you should see how they change their colors when the same person becomes successful.
4. Parents can treat their kid badly or humiliate them in public but don’t want their kids to do the same when they become old.
5. Everyone is ready to blame the mother when the child falters but no one appreciates her when the child turns out fine.
6. Not generalizing, but parents are partial towards the more successful kid.
7. Same rules don’t apply for daughter and daughter-in-law.
8. Bad treatment and circumstances make a person bitter, harsh and strong, still people say “You have changed.”
9. Most people avoid poor and “not-so-good-looking” people, unless they want a favor from them.
10. Everybody is an actor, that’s the reality.

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