Strong role model

My mother never went out and earned. I won’t call her non-working because managing a home is a lot of work. But she was very strong and raised 3 children without any support, managed household chores and outside work while my father was posted in far away mines. She raised me and my 2 siblings to be extremely hard working, sincere, and with good values. She still is very active and takes care of everything. She has been a strong role model in my life.
Why am I saying this? Because some woman asked another woman to give an example of financially independent women as a strong role model. Earning gives financial independence, no doubt, but that doesn’t equate with being a strong role model. My respect for my mother would have been the same had she been earning.
Any woman/mother can be a strong role model. Let’s not equate money with everything.
PS: I have and will never get into this working versus stay-at-home mom debate as I know that every woman is strong, working hard, and fighting her own battles.

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