Soch badlo–Be the change

When Isha Ambani got married and now when Akash Ambani got married, women in different groups had the same question, “Will both the new bahus meet their mother-in-law’s expectations? Will they wake up in the morning and make tea?”
I want to ask all this women, “Would you all also expect the same from your daughter-in-law?” A qualified girl who is at par with your son will be judged by meeting your expectations and serving tea? Why o why women have to do this to their own tribe? Women in India lament “Nothing is going to change”, but with this mindset nothing will change.
No, I swear I don’t have any such tea-making, saree-clad bahu expectations from my DIL because I was not and I am not that kind. My daughter will value new relations but not at the expense of meeting “societal expectations” of waking up early or making tea or three meals a day. Be it a girl or a boy, both need to respect and love their new families.
Just welcome the girl with open arms..

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