Different shades of the Capricorn Girl

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Chapter 1:  Another daughter is born.  I was the second daughter of my parents and while my parents were happy the people around them lamented the fact that “another daughter was born.”

Chapter 2:  The chubby stubborn toddler.  As my mom says, I was a very chubby and a very stubborn child.  I would bang my head on the wall if I didn’t like my dress!

Chapter 3:  That studious girl.  I was a very good student and a very sincere one too.  Had dreams of becoming a doctor.

Chapter 4:  Singer in the making.  In my school and other singing competitions, I always used to come first in the singing competitions.  I would have made a good career as a singer.

Chapter 5:  Turbulent teenage years of an introvert girl.  I had a very tough time during teenage thanks to body image issues and shifting to new schools and adjusting to new environment.  For a introverted girl like me it was difficult.

Chapter 6:  Finding independence.  I bloomed once I started working and interacting with people better.

Chapter 7:  Man of my dreams.  Got married to a simple, awesome man in an arranged marriage setup.  One of the best decisions of my life was to say YES to him.  Life has been great with him.

Chapter 8:  Small town girl in the City of Dreams.  From a small town, I came to Mumbai as a new bride and began a new chapter of my life.  This city had a huge impact in shaping me up and giving me confidence and recognition.

Chapter 9:  They Young Mommy.  I became a wife and a mother both at the age of 25.  One of the best chapters of my life.

Chapter 10:  Balancing Act.  I started working from home so that I could take care of my child.  Trust me, working from home is tough and that too with a baby.  But somehow I sailed through.

Chapter 11:  Mommyhood returns.  Had my second child when my first one was almost 5.  Now life revolved around these 2 little people.

Chapter 12:  A writer is born.  I started sharing my motherhood experiences in various mom forums and that’s where I began to write and blog seriously.  I had found my true passion.

Chapter 13:  Fighting another battle.  At the age of 35, I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, which has no cure.  Instead of crying and sulking, I decided to be positive and live with it bravely.

Chapter 14:  Handling a teen and a preteen.  Trust me, handling a teen and preteen is challenging yet fun!  Nothing beats the feeling of looking at your children growing up to be good and confident humans.

Chapter 15:  Ageing gracefully.  Now I have learnt to forgive and forget better, learnt to let go, learnt to not get affected by everything, and learnt to give a damn too!

Chapter 16:  Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.  Still lots to learn, lots to do, a lot on my wishlist.

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