The real people

One of the best things that I like about director Zoya Akhtar’s stories are the realistic portrayal of the Indian parents and their relationship with their adult children.  Parents in her stories are real, the parents we see around, we ourselves have dealt with.  They are people who are gray, not black or white.  Her movies or now her web series Made in Heaven show the real relationship struggles that happen once the kids are adults and there are conflicting views and generation gap.  Indian parents, just like her stories, can be selfish, pushy, fear societal pressure, don’t want to understand or accept the children’s perspective.  This is being real, that doesn’t make the parents bad people.  Nobody has a sugar-coated, no-fuss relationship with their parents or children.

In most Indian movies, parents are shown to be “good”, without any flaws, but that’s far from reality.  Every relationship has its own set of conflicts, issues, but that doesn’t make any person “good” or “bad’; its being human.

Time to show stories of real people.

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