Parenting grind!

I come across a lot of posts where teenage kids are shown to be brash, rude and disrespectful and the mom sulking in a corner. My years of parenting experience tells me that kids don’t become disrespectful in a day. Respect and values need to be inculcated since the time the child is a toddler. One fine day a teenager cannot be taught that. Yes..teens are opinionated, sometimes their tone is rude, and rather than sulking then the parents need to handle it with firmness as well as talk it out or sometimes just let the child vent it out. After all, its a phase of change for the kids too. There have been and will be times as a parent when you will feel like giving up, but you know you can’t..simply can’t.
Kya karna hai then? Take a deep breath, compose yourself, and go back to the grind of parenting again!😉

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