The Warm Embrace

When she first came here, it was like a big big change.  A girl who had grown up and lived in small towns wasn’t sure if she could fit the bill.  It was huge, unnerving, seemingly aloof.  She thought it was would never accept her.  After all, she seemed to be a misfit.

But in just a matter of few months her fears vanished.  She was proven wrong.  The city of dreams had welcomed her with open arms.  Mumbai was her home now.  That girl was me.  Since February 2002 Mumbai is my home.  People call it a ruthless city.  Yes..its a city where there are lots of problems.  It is overpopulated, roads are congested, infrastructure is bad, yet there is “something” about this city which makes people fall in love with it so much that they don’t want to leave it.

I fell in love with Mumbai.  Despite its flaws, this city gave me a freedom that I hadn’t experienced in the safe confines of the small towns.  This city did not judge me.  I could be me, wear what I wished, roam around safely alone at unearthly hours.  Marine Drive, Bandra-Worli Sea link, the sea, the roads, the local trains, the wada pavs, the local lingo, the air are all a part of my system now.  This city gave me an identity.  I learnt how to project myself, how to be bindaas..

Mumbai embraced me in its warm hug.  The city which seemed aloof, vast and scary is the one which is my home now; its like my heartbeat now.

Once just Mumbai city is now an emotion; its aamchi Mumbai, its my love..

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