Thanks my kids’ humble school

Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until we see others struggling to have it!
Today I would like to thank the humble, flawed, not-so-big-name school of my children. When I see the so-called big schools charging exorbitant fees, charging money for any and everything, toddlers being interviewed and rejected; I cherish my kids’ school much more. This is the school where my son studied from KG 2 and finished his 10th last year. This is the school where my daughter has been studying since nursery. The school doesn’t have a huge pool, a big playground, fancy library, AC classrooms, but here’s where my kids have learnt life skills. My son has learnt teamwork and football skills in the small playground, my daughter is learning the ropes of athletics and football in the same ground. The ground is not fancy but the sports teachers who are doing a commendable job. I agree that there are flaws, heavy bags, some inefficient teachers too, but at least I as a parent can go and talk to the teachers! The flaws are partly because of our education system too! There are some awesome teachers from whom my kids have learnt a lot.
My son every single day misses his school now that he is in college. Both my kids never wanted to change this school for a “better” school. Most of the teachers, maushis, principal, staff know them since they were toddlers and hence its more like their second home.
On days I have felt my kids should have been in a better school, but after looking at the current state of many parents of toddlers who are in distress because of school admissions and the money, I am happy that my kids are a part of this school, which has given them many happy moments and a good foundation.

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