Never say never

Let me confess, I don’t really like to slog in the kitchen for long hours. Though I am a fairly good chef (that’s what I believe), but making delicacies daily or trying out new stuff is not really my forte. I would rather do something else than be in the kitchen.
But something happened last week. For some reason, I wasn’t in the best of mood and like some miracle I found cooking therapeutic! Me, who has never been a passionate cook, was actually churning out dishes which I hadn’t made for quite some time now. From Kadhi pakoda to pakodas to kheer to idli sambhar chutney to chicken in a different style with paranthas, I was going ballistic!!
So, lesson learnt. One should never believe that “mere saath aisa kabhi nahin hoga.” I don’t know was it hormones, age, mood, the sudden awakening of my latent culinary bhi and the family enjoyed the food!

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