Gender Equality: In the right way..

As a society, we always emphasize the need for gender equality, which is how it should be. But sometimes do we tilt more towards being biased, towards the girls/women, in trying to achieve the equality?
We need to make our daughters strong and vocal but sometimes in doing so girls are made too aggressive by the parents where they start behaving obnoxiously with the boys/men; even when not required. They become unnecessarily rude and entitled. Taking pride in not knowing housework or cooking is not women emancipation. Yes, we need to teach our boys housework and cooking, that doesn’t mean we should stop teaching our girls the same.
The girls should be taught to exercise their choice to marry or not marry but portraying marriage in a negative light and blaming the men for everything should not be taught to them.
I am the mother of both a son and a daughter and my son is as compassionate, helping, respectful, strong as my daughter because that’s the way me and my husband have raised him. Similarly, we teach our daughter to be safe, strong, vocal, confident, take no crap from anyone, but we don’t teach her that “All men are dogs” or “All men are the same”. She also needs to learn to differentiate between the good and bad men. Gender equality is when both genders work and live in tandem and not against each other.

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