Unapologetic Masala Movie fan


Simmba, a total paisa vasool masala movie. No, I don’t have any qualms or shame in admitting that I am a full-on Hindi masala movie buff. Right from the mindless Amitabh Bachchan movies to Rohit Shetty movies, I enjoy those slow motion entries, the kicks and punches, the colorful costumes and songs, and the larger than life “unreality.” People, like me, wish that all problems could get solved just like that! It has tried to give a message; yes being a commercial movie it couldn’t be made like a documentary but it tried to convey a message.

Wish I could maro ceeteee! Me and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the movie. My daughter just stop can’t saying “Je mala mahit nai te sanga (tell me something I don’t know😉)

I love the meaningful movies too; but Bollywood masala movies zindabad! Nothing can beat the stress and tension like they do..

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