Red Rose versus Text

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Nishant was constantly smiling while his hands went berserk typing messages on his mobile.  Nishant’s mom Kalpana was watching this for almost half an hour now.  She couldn’t control herself any longer and asked Nishant, “What’s going on sonny boy?  I see you happier than usual today.  Any girl on the other side?”  Nishant, all of 17, didn’t reply.  Kalpana kept mumbling to herself, “This gadget generation!  Won’t even bother to reply parents.”

Ten minutes later Nishant came and hugged his mom.  “What’s the matter?  What do you want?”  Nishant asked his mom, “Mom did you have any boyfriend when you were my age?  How did he propose to you?”  For a moment, Kalpana was taken aback.  She was very free with her son and discussed any and everything with him, but she didn’t expect this question from him out of nowhere!  “Tell me na mom.”

Kalpana smiled and said, “You know how conservative my parents were.  Forget having a boyfriend, I wasn’t even allowed to talk to boys.”  Nishant sighed, “How sad, nahin?”

Kalpana’s mind flew back to the yore.  She remembered how she had a crush on her elder brother’s friend, Mohit.  She used to be very scared of her parents and never dared to talk to him, but her 16-year-old mind would always think about him.  Once her brother had borrowed a story book from her.  “Who wants to read it bhaiya?” she had asked. “Mohit wants to read it.”  Her heart had skipped a beat.  Ten days later her brother returned her the book.  She took the book from the table and when she was about to place it on the shelf, something fell from the book.  She saw a piece of paper on the floor.  She picked it up and when she opened it she saw a red rose inside it.  A line was written on the paper. “A red rose for a beautiful girl..Mohit”.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.  Did her crush feel the same way as she felt for him?  She was elated, excited, couldn’t sleep that night.  But her excitement was short-lived.  Mohit went abroad for further studies and by the time she turned 20 her parents got her married off.  With responsibilities and a good married life, she had forgotten all about her crush.  But today her son’s question revived those sweet old memories.

She went to Nishant and asked him, “Tell me do you have a girlfriend?”  Nishant said, “Mom you won’t believe, Shreya, my classmate on whom I have a crush, texted me today saying that she finds me cute.  I am planning to ask her out for coffee, shall I?”

Kalpana smiled and thought, “Nothing has changed, only I couldn’t talk about my crush with anyone whereas my son can!”  Red rose has changed to a text now..


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2 thoughts on “Red Rose versus Text

  1. Mother’s love did not fructify. Hope son is successful in his love. Be it a rose or a text, message and intent remain the same.


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