The “Young” 40 plus women

This month I attended two parties, exclusively for women. The women were all dressed up with nicely made-up faces, shimmery gowns, LBDs (little black dresses), high heels, and bubbling with enthusiasm and energy. They rocked the dance floor showing their awesome moves, whistling, singing, and having a blast!
The common thing in both the parties was that the majority of the women were 40 plus with grown-up children, like ours! They didn’t care how their slightly out of shape bodies were looking in those gowns or LBDs (who doesn’t want to look like Malaika Arora or Shilpa Shetty!🤪), they proudly wore their red lipsticks and heavy eye makeup not bothering about the slightly wrinkled skin. They danced with their knee pains and other issues. They didn’t care how the DJ or the waiters or even the other guests would react!
Women at this stage of their life are beyond all those judgmental looks and are filled with confidence. Gone are the days when a 40+ woman was supposed to look or behave in a certain manner. Today that woman is more confident than what she was in her 20s or 30s. She is at a stage where her children are more like her friends, where she doesn’t care about what others think, where she starts loving and accepting herself better.
Cheers to the “young” 40+ women!

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