Circle of Life

Last week I went to my parents’ place to take care of my mother who was to undergo cataract surgery. This was urgent and couldn’t be postponed. My husband booked my tickets, decided to work from home for the entire week while my almost 16-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter reassured me that they will take care of themselves. They didn’t miss college/school even for a day, did household chores, helped their dad, and I didn’t have to worry about anything.
This is not the first time they are doing this, they have done this before too. This didn’t happen overnight. Me and my husband have taught them household chores, basic cooking, being independent, and work as a unit over the years. They need to know that’s how a family works. My son learns from his dad that wife’s parents are equally important and daughter learns that be it a son or daughter both are equally responsible for taking care of parents.
This is indeed circle of life; I take care of my parents while my children take care of me (by being my rock solid support).

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