True Love

I looked at Deepika and Ranveer’s lovely dovey reception photos once again and sighed.  “The early days of marriage are the best.  Look at Ranveer looking so lovingly at Deepika.”  Grumbling I go to the kitchen and make tea.  Hubby dear is on his third conference call of the day.  He hasn’t asked for it but I know he would want a tea at this time.  I take the tea and keep it without saying anything.

My mind goes back in the flashback mode when we were newly married.  We used to laugh more, be more carefree.  Of course, with age, responsibilities, and maturity that carefree attitude is left behind somewhere.

Just then he calls me from the other room and says, “I booked your tickets for Baroda next week.  I have informed the office people also that I won’t be able to travel that week.”  Next week I will be going to Baroda to take care of my mom who will be undergoing cataract operation.  My kids will have their school and college and hence my hubby will be in charge of them and the home.  This is not the first time that he has taken care of things.  My dad had heart attack last year and I have visited my parents multiple times since then.  My husband all the times has reassured me that he will take care of things back home.

I smile, over the years the expression of love changes.  Yes, we both love each other still, even after 16 years of marriage.  The small gestures say so.  Love is all about support, care, equality, friendship, being there for each other in happiness and sorrow.  That’s true love.

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