The stalker

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Past 2 weeks had been extremely nerve wracking for Ratna.  Her daughter Pia had just gone to Bangalore about a month ago to join her new job and within a few days she complained of being followed by some one.  Pia said she could feel his presence near her rented apartment, her office, in the bus, near the office.  He would simply stand and stare at her creepily.

Ratna advised Pia to lodge a police complaint and never venture out alone.  Pia lodged a police complaint and from the next day the stalker was nowhere to be seen.  Pia sighed a breath of relief.  Finally, she was free and happy again.  But within 2 days Pia started getting blank calls.  Soon, the stalker started saying obscene and nonsensical stuff over the phone.  Pia soon started getting panic attacks.

Ratna decided to be with her daughter in Bangalore now for a few days till the time the stalker was caught and punished.  Ratna was a single parent.  She and her husband had divorced when Pia was 6 months old.  Her husband was abusive, drunkard, and a womanizer.  When Pia was around 5 months old in a state of drunken stupor her husband had dangled Pia upside down from the balcony.  Ratna had decided that very day that she cannot survive with this dangerous man.

No sooner did Ratna arrive in Bangalore, Pia hugged her and started sobbing like a baby.  Ratna could not see her darling daughter like this.  She personally went to the police and requested them to handle the case and catch the stalker.  Police decided to tab the phone.  After a lot of cat and mouse chase, finally the police managed to nab the stalker.  Both mother and daughter cried with relief.

Ratna had to join back her work and after her daughter’s reassurance she came back home.  ‘She Turned The Key In The Lock And Opened The Door’. She froze for a moment when she saw a silhouette near her bedroom door.  She switched on the lights with trembling fingers.  Soon that silhouette emerged and stood in front of her.  It didn’t take her one minute to recognize the face that she hated the most.  The balding head and white beard could not overshadow those creepy eyes and smile.  It was her ex-husband smiling creepily at her.

He said with a shameless grin, “So, you thought you can keep me away from my daughter..huh?  She has turned out to be a beauty just like you.  Do you really believe that police can keep me jailed for long?  I will go and watch my daughter everyday again, everywhere she goes..”

Ratna stood speechless, trembling with rage and fear…

One thought on “The stalker

  1. This is a scary and creepy post. One thing anyone really fears is being stalked. In this case, the girl is being stalked by her own father. Let us hope and pray, that the man has no ulterior motive and he only wants to see his daughter. But why obscene calls? God save us. We need stronger law and better law enforcement.


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