WhatsApp kids!

When we were kids, when we missed our school or wanted to complete our incomplete book, we would go to school and ask our fellow classmates for their notebooks and complete our work. Our moms didn’t bother to get the notes for us. Even when my son was in junior classes, he used to do that. And then came WhatsApp! Yes, it became very helpful in getting information about notes, notices, timetables, etc. But somewhere that is making the kids complacent as they leave it to their moms to get the notes for them. Here, I am talking about students of class 5-6 onwards who are capable enough of copying notes from their classmates. More than the kids, I see the moms getting worked up about notes, notices, and timetables.
Let the kids learn to take the onus! If they miss something, if they are inattentive in the class let them face the consequences of it at least once. I might sound harsh but it will make them responsible. When the kids are old enough to play mobile games and chat on WhatsApp, they are capable enough to get their own notes and other information. Of course, the WhatsApp mom groups are always there to help. But let that only be help and not make a habit of spoon-feeding the kids.
Today its the notes, tomorrow it will be something else; let them be responsible for their own stuff.

One thought on “WhatsApp kids!

  1. I tend to agree with you more than kids their mothers get excited and anxious about pending homework. Many parents do the homework, some even get it done. Now many schools say explicitly that children should not have access to cell phones. Yet they send homework in WhatsApp groups! Why cannot they assign homework to students in the class itself?

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