Money cannot buy manners..

We were flying back from Goa to Mumbai the other day.  A couple entered in the end with two small kids and two nannies.  The nannies didn’t seem to well versed about traveling in an airplane and were confused about their seats.  Obviously, they were booked in the Economy class.  The stewards and air-hostesses were busy as it was time for the flight to take off.  The poor nannies couldn’t figure out where to sit.  Their employers wouldn’t budge from the Business Class to simply guide them where their seats were!  They simply instructed “Wahan baith jao dono”.  Rather the other passengers helped them locate their seat.
The nannies were carrying two huge bags stuffed with the babies’ stuff.  Their employer (the man) was “kind” enough to cross the business class, open the cabinet and push the bags of other people carelessly and fit in the huge bags.  When one of the passengers politely requested him not to push their bags, the man rudely said, “Don’ teach me what to do” and returned to the business class.
The babies, who were with the nannies, started wailing as soon as the flight took off.  The employers asked the nanny to handover one of the kids when the flight was taking off.  The steward politely asked her to wear the seat-belt and that it was for her own safety.  But again, the employers were in no mood to listen to any instructions or bother about the safety of the nanny or their own child.
Throughout the flight the babies kept crying, but I would admire all the other passengers who never complained once despite the high-handed and arrogant behavior of the couple.  The nannies had a look of worry on their face as one can easily fathom how the behavior of a man, who is rude with polite strangers, can be with the nannies (I saw them getting scolded in the airport).
Why did that couple believe that simply because they were traveling in business class they were entitled?  What made them believe that they could be rude with the other polite passengers, flout the airline rules, and not pay heed to the steward who was simply trying to be bothered about their nanny’s and kid’s safety?  Why are some people so rude as if they own the world? cannot buy manners..

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