Talk to your children..

In the wake of #metoo I have been reading a lot of posts. In one group, there were posts by anonymous people who shared their horrifying tales of sexual abuse, mostly as kids. Those people are adults now, some in their 50s and 60s yet the scar of the shame, guilt, disgust still remains. One thing common about most of them was that even at the age of 11-12 they didn’t know what was happening with them and that in most cases they couldn’t share their ordeal with their parents. That means they weren’t aware about good touch bad touch till that age and had no frank relationship with the parents. This is not surprising considering the fact that most people of our generation also couldn’t frankly talk about sex, sexual abuse, lewd looks and advances by close people to our parents.
It is very important to have a free channel of communication about good touch bad touch, saying No, free and frank communication with the parents else the scar of childhood always remains. The innocent child holds himself/herself responsible for the shameless act of the pervert adult. I believe times are changing and parents are becoming more forthcoming and vigilant. Parents’ hesitation to talk about body, sex, and consent with their kids might end up resulting in many more scarred minds.

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