Let them fight those little battles..

As parents, there are situations where we want to help our kids, but sometimes we are helpless and sometimes we want to make them strong and fight their little battles on their own. Few instances:
1. When the child goes to the playgroup/nursery for the first time.
2. When the child doesn’t win a small game and he/she is upset.
3. When the child is not selected for a program in the school that he/she was anticipating he/she would be a part of.
4. When the kids are injured and recovering.
5. When your little daughter has periods.
6. When your child is ignored/sidelined by his/her friends.
7. When the teacher picks on your child for no reason.
8. When your child is mocked for a physical trait (yeah we ask them to be strong)..
9. When you know that you cannot protect your daughter from the lewd gestures or prying eyes everywhere.
10. When your child is facing a tough time in life and all you can do is pray that things get better soon for him/her.

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