The crumpled letter

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Riya unlocked the front door of her home, threw her purse on the sofa.  She removed her high heels.  Her feet were aching wearing those stylish pair for the whole day.  She let her long silky tresses free as she removed her hair clutch.  She kept her car keys and hair clutch on her study table.  She was nervous now.  She had to take an important decision today.

She took out the coffee from the bag that she had bought from McDonald’s takeaway.  It had gotten a bit cold, but Riya thought, “Its still not as cold as my relationship with Ajit.”  She sipped the coffee and kept it on the table.  Her bold red lipstick left its mark on the paper cup.

Riya took out the notepad and decided to write a letter to Ajit.  She had been contemplating talking to him face to face for quite some time now, but either he was busy or she was busy or both ended up fighting.  Their marriage of 7 years was in shambles now.  Both were college sweethearts, had an expensive fairy tale destination wedding.  They were successful in their respective careers.  Both had decided not to have children as it would hamper their flourishing careers and freedom.  But within 4 years of marriage they had started drifting apart.  Little things led to huge fights.  They would either fight or not talk at all.  Most of the times both were very busy, either with late nights in their offices or traveling.  Riya started feeling lonely now and decided to give their marriage another chance.  Last week she had decided to talk to Ajit, but again they ended up fighting.

Riya started scribbling on the paper, “Dear Ajit, I have been trying to tell you this for quite some time now..”  Riya tore the paper from the pad and out of sheer frustration crumpled the letter and kept it on the table.  “Why, why does always a woman have to take charge of everything?  Why doesn’t Ajit realize that our marriage is not working?  Why should I take the initiative?”  Riya sipped her coffee again.  The lipstick mark got darker on the cup.  The wind swept away her hair all of a sudden.  On other days she found the wind soothing but today it irritated her.  She took the hair clutch and made a messy bun.  She calmed down and thought, “I shouldn’t let my ego come in the way of our marriage.  Let me at least make an effort for my own sanity.”

She started to write another letter, “Dear Ajit, Don’t you feel that we are drifting away from each other?  Where has our love vanished?  Do you remember..

Just then Riya’s phone flashed an unknown number.  She picked up the call and before she could say hello the voice from the other side said, “Riya, Ajit is in Hotel Rock with a pretty young girl.  I saw him entering just now.  Come and catch him red handed.”  Before Riya could utter anything, the call got disconnected. “Who was this person?  Was he serious or was simply playing a prank?”  She decided to call Ajit.  Ajit picked up the phone after a few rings and said, “Riya darling,  I will be late today.  Got to attend an important client.”  Riya could not miss the faint laughter of a female on the other end.

She tore the letter, crumpled it and threw it on the table angrily.  She picked up her car keys and decided to catch Ajit red handed.  Their relationship was like the crumpled letter now…

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