Don’t sacrifice so much that you resent the people for whom you sacrifice

Women generally try to make everyone happy everywhere, be it family, relatives, workplace, neighborhood, and so on. But we all know it is humanly impossible to make everyone happy! I have seen women complain that “Mujhe to ghar ke kaamon se chutti hi nahin milti.”. I do everything from scratch, I do everything single-handedly. I want my home to be spic n span, I want to prepare 5 meals with loads of variety, I will handle my kids alone, I will try to adjust my schedule as per the relatives’ convenience, I will feel guilty to take time out for myself, etc., etc. Ultimately, in trying to make everyone else happy the women themselves become disgruntled, unhappy, depressed, complaining souls!
Don’t try to handle everything alone, you simply can’t! Do you ever ask the people whom you are trying to please whether they are really pleased with you? Have they ever asked you what makes YOU happy? Go take that well-deserved chutti from housework one day. Let your children eat some junk one day. Let your house be a little less cleaner one day. Assign work, seek help, learn to say NO.
Stop sacrificing so much that you hold feel resentment towards the people for whom you are sacrificing. Treat yourself as a human and not as a robot.

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