During my parents’ time or even before that in arranged marriages the groom used to be at least 8-10 years or even older than the bride. A 20-year-old bride had a 35-year-old groom at times. This was common back then. The reason was the the young girl needed a “mature” man to handle her, which in other words means control/dominate her. It didn’t matter that the wife most of the times turned out to be more worldly mature than the man who believed dominating, subjugating or keeping a check/control on his wife’s life is a sign or maturity/authority/manliness (not generalizing).

Slowly time changed, but the groom still needs to be older than the bride in the “normal scenario”. The sarcastic jokes, memes, posts on an older Priyanka Chopra getting engaged to a younger Nick Jonas is the proof that even younger generation hasn’t been able to come to terms with the bride being older. There have been so many examples of successful marriages where the wife has been older to the husband. Ultimately compatibility, respect, and love matter.

No, I am not a Priyanka Chopra or Nick Jonas fan and the success of their marriage will solely depend on them. It is a decision taken between two adults. The behavior of the public is a totally like the neighborhood nosy aunties, “Arrey dekho, Priyanka ne bachche se engagement kar li..!!” Isn’t it?

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