Important parenting lesson..

Long back when my daughter was in KG I remember one day I got a call from her teacher to come and collect her from the school just after the short break. When I went to collect my daughter, I still can’t forget the expression she had. Her little chubby face had a mix of embarrassment, guilt, fear. Her teacher said that she had accidentally soiled herself as she couldn’t make it to the washroom timely. My heart still aches when I think of that expression. We came back home. I bathed and changed her, fed her lunch, talked and laughed with her and I put her to sleep. After that we didn’t talk about that incident ever. I am not a very patient person and sometimes lose my temper. But that day I handled the situation quite well.
I still try and follow this most of the times. Now my kids are teen and preteen and have their share of outbursts or mistakes. I tell them, “No matter how grave the mistake is confide in me and your dad. I might rebuke you but we both will be the ones who will help you out.” Kids commit mistakes we do at times rebuke them (sometimes its necessary), but sometimes certain situations need to be handled extremely sensitively.
One of the lessons learnt from a small incident that day like many other lessons that 16 years of parenting journey has taught me..

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