Sibling Puran

As is the norm, my daughter always follows her Dada (elder brother) in whatever he does, sometimes on purpose, sometimes subconsciously. She emulates him a lot and has learnt a lot of things early and fast thanks to him (both good and bad 😜). My son always loved the subject History and scored well in it. He used to read the chapters as stories and wrote the answers in his own words. Now this year History and Civics has been introduced in my daughter’s syllabus and today is the first time she will be giving exam of History and Civics. Till about few days back she found History boring, but then she decided to follow her Dada’s footsteps and tried reading the chapters as stories 😀

Today she was quite confident that she will score as good as her Dada in History as she has followed his pattern of studying. Ab woh to waqt hi bataega🙄


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