A Few Good Men

My father always narrates an incident that once as a toddler I wanted to drink cold water in the scorching summers and in those days when bottled cold water wasn’t available, my father somehow managed to get some ice from a huge ice slab and quenched my thirst by giving me cold water.  Despite money crunch, he would always get me the most expensive dress that I demanded.  I remember during college days when my 2-wheeler used to break down in the late evenings, I somehow managed to call my younger brother and despite getting annoyed he would always come and take my 2-wheeler to the mechanic.  My husband of 16-1/2 years has always fulfilled my wishes, sometimes me being unreasonable too!  Yesterday night, at around 11 PM, I wasn’t feeling well and I asked my teen son to fetch yogurt for me.  Most of the shops were closed and yet he somehow managed to get the yogurt for me.  These men have done it silently always, without any “shor-sharaba”.

Why am I writing this?  Am I lucky to have such men in my life or may be my grandmother, mother, mother-in-law and now me have been successful in raising compassionate and caring sons.  In the day and age, when few men commit any crime and we get to hear “All men are the same” may be I am blessed enough to be surrounded by a few good men..

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